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    Spring flowers at Sofiero

    Cocky, bombastic, and icily cool. That sums up this year’s spring flower display that kicks off high season at Sofiero in April. The mastermind behind the display is landscape architect Mona Wembling who promises a wonderful mixture of tulips, daffodils, perennials, and gorgeous foliage.

    More than 30,000 bulbs have been planted in the flower beds at Sofiero, waiting to emerge as the first sign of spring. Not two flower beds are the same, and visitors can expect to see exciting combinations the like of which no-one has ever seen before. How about a lush spring display that is reminiscent of an English plum pudding, or a fluffy lemon meringue.  

    – I like trying out challenging colour combinations. I use tulips and daffodils, which I absolutely adore, as my starting point. They decide which combinations grow, says Mona. 

    It isn’t the first time that landscape architect Wembling has designed flower beds at Sofiero. In 2016, she designed both the spring and summer flower display in the park. She also designed the Jubilee Garden as a salute to the park when Sofiero celebrated its 150th anniversary. 

    This spring, Mona is most looking forward to Silvia’s Floral Jewel, a flower bed that is located just inside the entrance to Sofiero. She went to town on this bed, with hundreds of tulips in different combinations. If it will be burgundy, apricot, or an icy yellow and white remains to be seen. 

    Join us and enjoy the first and much-anticipated blooming of the year at Sofiero. 

    Tips for your visit

    • As the spring bloom is constantly changing, we recommend that you visit the park on several occasions. Feel free to buy an annual card for SEK 250 and enter for free all season. Buy your annual card here.
    • In May, Mona Wembling holds guided tours of the spring flora in the park. The guides are included in the entrance fee, but keep in mind that the number of places is limited. More information in our calendar.
    • Bring a picnic and settle down in the park. At Sofiero there is a lot to discover, we recommend you to plan a few hours for your visit.
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