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Regarding covid-19

Sofiero is open as usual. We follow the advice of the Public Health Authority regarding covid-19 and do all the necessary precautions that we need to.

The Swedish government’s decision
The Swedish government has decided to ban all public events with more than 50 persons gathered in the same location. It’s an action with the aim to slow down and restrict the spreading of the virus.

How does this affect Sofiero?
Sofiero is not included in the restrictions at the moment and is open as usual, until further notice. Depending on how long the ban will last some of our upcoming events may be affected. Sofiero is acting in accordance with the decisions and advice from the Public Health Authority on how to handle the current situation. We will update our program and the information on this site continuously.

What can you do?
If you feel healthy you are more than welcome to visit us. If you feel ill you should stay at home until you feel better. Please wash your hands and keep distance to each other. The park is large and there are many beautiful areas to enjoy during a nice walk. On the Public Health Authority’s website you can read more about how to protect yourself and others.

More frequent cleaning
We will increase the cleaning frequency to ensure a clean environment during your visit at Sofiero. Areas that are extra exposed, such as door handles, toilets and pay stations, are cleaned more frequently. We will also have stations in the park where you can easily clean your hands.

Cash at Sofiero
With consideration for both you and our staff, we no longer accept cash. You can pay by card and Swish.

What are my terms of purchase?
Right now normal terms and conditions apply for pre-purchased tickets and reservations. If an event or concert is canceled we will communicate it directly with the customer through e-mail and here on the website. If so, we will also announce how the terms of purchase are affected.

This information was updated 20-03-23

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