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We have plenty of parking area – and it’s free except at major events, when we cooperate with local sports clubs to give them a little extra income.

Paid parking applies on the following occasions

  • Ascension Day
  • Concerts
  • Weekends when the rhododendrons are in bloom, the Sofiero Classic, The Grand Garden Festival and the Festival of Light.

Parking costs SEK 50 including tax. A part of this sum goes to local youth unions.

It is not possible to pay your parking with cash, only card, text message or parking apps (Parkster, SmsPark och Easypark). 

Dela denna sidan:

Address: Sofierovägen 131
Zip code: 251 89 Helsingborg
Phone: +46 42-10 25 00
E-mail: sofiero@helsingborg.ses


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Sofiero Palace and Park - a part of Helsingborg City.