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    Odla Hälsa (Cultivate health)

    Buzzing insects, vibrant growth, and spicy scents fill Sofiero’s kitchen garden during the 2021 season. Odla hälsa (Cultivate Health) is an exhibition that inspires and informs about growing plants at home in the garden or on a balcony and terrace. With pots full of spices and a garden landscape full to bursting with vegetables, garden inspirers Annika Christensen and Lydia Jeppsson help paint visitors a picture of how enriching it is for body, soul, and, not least, the environment to grow plants.

    Stroll through the kitchen garden and Mediterranean garden that are full of herbs and spices that can be used for both cooking and their medicinal properties. Herbs and vegetables are presented alongside beautiful water colours signed by Lydia Jeppsson.

    The Winery will be turned into a house of health, complete with a tea corner, where you can learn about which plants are good to make tea from and the health-bringing properties they have. Also enjoy the spa corner, where ingredients from the garden are used to make your body look as good on the outside as it feels on the inside.

    Odla hälsa is an exhibition that changes and develops over the course of the season, meaning that you can visit several times and always have a different experience.

    Annika Christensen is a garden photographer and inspirer who is returning to Sofiero with her third exhibition. She grows plants all year round and is a much in demand speaker on the lecture circuit. Follow Annika on Instagram: @annikasnaturligating

    Lydia Jeppsson is a garden architect and has painted the exhibition’s water colours. She also contributes with tips on how to force and propagate plants to achieve more sustainable cultivation. Follow Lydia on Instagram: @tradgardsdrommar.lydia

    • 05 June 2021 - 05 September 2021
    • The exhibition is included in the entrance price
    • Admission: SEK 120/person
    • Free admission for children under 18 years
    • Open daily 10-18

    Address: Sofierovägen 131
    Zip code: 251 89 Helsingborg
    Phone: +46 42-10 25 00
    E-mail: sofiero@helsingborg.ses


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