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Sofiero for Children

Sofiero for Children is just as it sounds – the children’s very own place at Sofiero. It is difficult to imagine a more beautiful playground to bring your children or grandchildren to. Let them play in the old royal playhouses, just like Princess Ingrid and her brothers did!

Children and flowers have an equal need for sunshine and love.
Crown Princess Margaret.

Gustav VI Adolf and Crown Princess Margaret thought it was important to teach their children to work with their hands and to get to know the joy of having created something of their own. That is why princess Ingrid and her brothers grew radishes, carrots, potatoes and strawberries, as well as simple flowers. This happens even today at Sofiero for Children.

In the summer season, Sofiero for Children is open for loads of uproarious fun. Enjoy reading magical fairytales, exciting crafts or a wonderful picnic – or play in the same playhouses that Gustav VI Adolf build for the royal children in 1917! Here are costumes for those who want to become a prince or princess for a while. During the summer season, the cultivation beds are filled with vegetables and beautiful summer flowers that provide the perfect opportunity to follow the plants from seeding to harvest. Right next to the houses is the large playground, Drakborgen, which offers plenty of climbing, along with fun rides on its splendid slide. Sofiero for Children is mobility accessible so that all children can join in the fun and games.

Next to the playground you will find the newcomer Prince Oscar’s Enchanted Forest which was inaugurated in 2017. The gnarled trunks and tight-growing tree crowns invite both children and adults in for a cool experience. Put your ear against one of the trees and be amazed of what it has to tell!

Let the magical journey begin!

Opening hours

7th May – 17th September

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Address: Sofierovägen 131
Zip code: 251 89 Helsingborg
Phone: +46 42-10 25 00
E-mail: sofiero@helsingborg.ses


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