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Sofiero – celebrating 150 years

Celebrating 150 years

Once upon a time there was a prince and princess … this is how the story of Sofiero began. In 1866 Crown Prince Oscar and his wife, Sophia of Nassau, were finally able to spend their first summer at their dream summer castle, overlooking the wooded ravines, the sound and Denmark. Now the saga of Sofiero nearly 150 years old and we are celebrating this 2016, a major anniversary year!

Throughout 2016 the castle and the castle park will be permeated by Sofiero’s 150th anniversary. The anniversary exhibition at the castle takes visitors on a unique journey through several generations of the royal artistry in the Bernadotte dynasty. In the park itself there will be a number of surprises, including the inauguration of our brand new Jubilee Garden. In May and June the rhododendrons will be in bloom and, in the midst of this splendour of colour, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a wandering theatre group performance in the park as the Helsingborg City Theatre works in collaboration with the Summer theatre at Krapperup and set up William Shakespeare’s As You Like It from 12th May to 11th June. The theatre company will be in the rhododendron area and take us back to 1866 to mark the occasion.

During the 2016 season all of Sofiero’s regular events will be coloured by the jubilee, such as the rhododendron’s flowering and children’s party. The last weekend in August it will also be extra festive for The Grand Garden Festival, which is also celebrating 20 years as one of southern Sweden’s most popular outdoor events!

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Let the celebrations begin!

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