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    Sofiero is a place everyone should be able to enjoy. The park is partly hilly but we made it as accessible as possible based on the conditions. Wide paths with a relatively flat surface will take you around the park and our accessibility map will help you along the way.

    Sofiero is easy to get to. Right outside Sofiero there is a large parking lot with four parking spots for the disabled. The bus stops right outside the entrance and it is also possible to park your bike here. Bicycles are not allowed in the park.

    The palace and park

    The palace is old and lacks some modern adaptations in terms of accessibility. There is an elevator that takes you to all floors. The corridors are narrow, the rooms have thresholds and there is limited space to get around. During high season there are always hosts in the palace who you can ask for help.

    At Sofiero there are three toilets for those with disabilities. The toilets are available in high season. During low season, only the toilet at the main entrance is open. Around the park there are benches to sit on. Hallways, lifts and toilets are all marked on our accessibility map.

    Personal assistants

    People with disabilities pay regular entrance fee. Personal assistants have free admission upon presentation of a certificate.

    Guided tours

    During high season we have daily guided tours in the park. The guides have voice amplifiers. It is always possible to book a private guided tour. Contact us on 042-10 25 10 and we will help plan your visit after your needs and wishes.

    Borrow a wheelchair

    During high season you can borrow a wheelchair at the main entrance. It is not possible to pre book the wheelchair, but you are welcome to contact the entrance on 042-10 25 05 if you have any questions.

    Accessibility improvements

    We continuously work to improve accessibility at Sofiero. Our accessibility map has been produced in collaboration with the health and care administration in Helsingborg. We are grateful for all the feedback that can help us improve.

    Click on the image to enhance it. 

    Accessibility map

    Our accessibility map can be found at the main entrance during high season. The map shows where it is suitable to get around and where it can be difficult if you have a wheelchair or difficulty walking.

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    Address: Sofierovägen 131
    Zip code: 251 89 Helsingborg
    Phone: +46 42-10 25 00
    E-mail: sofiero@helsingborg.ses


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    Sofiero Palace and Park - a part of Helsingborg City.